PoliceOne, a website dedicated to law enforcement personnel, recently conducted a survey of current and former law enforcement officers on gun control.

The survey is not going to be liked or appreciated by the gun control crowd, or for that matter, many chiefs of police.  The March 2013 survey obtained data from 15,000 current, former, and retired police officers. Quoting from their press release:

  • 86 percent feel the currently proposed legislation would have no effect or a negative effect on improving officer safety  

  • Similarly, 92 percent feel that banning semi-automatic firearms, or “assault weapons,” would have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime  

  • Demonstrating the opinion that the best way to combat gun crime is through harsher punishment, 91 percent said the use of a firearm while perpetrating a crime should lead to a stiff, mandatory sentence with no plea bargains. Likewise, 59 percent believe increasing punishment severity for unlicensed dealers would reduce crime  

  • Respondents were more split on background checks, with 31 percent agreeing that mental health background checks in all gun sales would help reduce mass shootings, while 45 percent disagreed  

  • 71 percent support law enforcement leaders who have publicly refused to enforce more restrictive gun laws within their jurisdictions  

  • 82 percent believe gun buyback or turn-in programs are ineffective in reducing the level of gun violence  

  • 91 percent support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or have not been deemed psychologically incapable  

  • Likewise, 80 percent feel that legally-armed citizens would likely have reduced the number of casualties in recent mass shooting incidents

So far, the survey has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Reason.com, the Daily Kos, and WorldNetDaily.  Surprising me not at all, the survey has been NOT been covered by CBS, MSNBC, CNN, or the rest of the mainstream media.