The above link is raw video of a clearly illegal arrest.  As I noted in a previous post, you cannot arrest for fail to identify based on someone refusing to provide their information while being detained.

In addition, there is no “fail to ID” exception to the requirement for a search warrant.  The deputies were clearly trespassing and clearly violating Jennifer Limon’s civil rights.

The Constable for Precinct One is Alan Rosen, 713-755-5200 (main number).  One of his sergeants, Sgt. J.C. Mosier, believes the same thing and told the TV station (KHOU) that they had to identify themselves.

Since the Constable’s Office clearly doesn’t know the law, you may also want to contact the Harris County District Attorney to ask why they aren’t looking at prosecuting the deputies for Official Oppression.  Their number is 713-755-5800.