This one involves sexual misconduct allegations involving up to ten officers, including non-consensual sex at the police department.  And if you remember Captain John Thomason, who was concerned that the bra-search scandal would over-shadow the “good” things the department was doing?  Well, the good things apparently include him forwarding a photo of his ***** to a female.  I won’t get into the allegation about the sex outside of the church where a slain Lakeland officer was being laid to rest.

I especially like two parts.  One by the State Attorney, at about 1:20, where he compares the Lakeland PD to an under-performing school.  The second is a statement by Chief Womack, at about 1:55, where she says that the Lakeland PD has a culture of professionalism.  No, I’m serious, she really said that.  I need to find out what she has been drinking.