Eugene, Oregon Police were called upon to enforce a child custody order on August 4, 2013.  The child, a 10-year-old boy was told to run by his mother’s friends when the police arrived and an officer had to chase him for three blocks to catch him.  On his way back to the police car, a female friend of the mother showed up and started filming the encounter.  At about 1:05 in the video another child shows up and starts cursing the officer and telling him to let go of the kid who just ran.

LOL, yeah, right.  I’ve been there when other officers have been that stupid and then I had to chase the idiot too.  There was no way the officer was going to let go of the kid.

Then, at 1:07 in the video, you clearly see the kid bite the officer’s arm.  The officer reacts by lightly popping the kid on the forehead with an open hand, whereupon the female filming the encounter loses it.  She starts screaming bloody murder about the officer f’ing hitting a child.

OK.  So?  If the child was attached to my arm by his teeth, I would have done the same.  And based on the response at PoliceOne, so would most other officers.  Actions have consequences, and biting an officer will obtain an appropriate response, like the one by this officer.

The rest of the video is fairly mundane, but I will note that the mother (Stephanie Johnston) lives in a bus and is proud that she hands out clean socks to people in the park.  She also never sent her son to school and it is reported that he is illiterate.  The videographer mentioned several times that her kids were taken away from her (gee, why does that not surprise me).  Overall, the police exercised restraint with the crowd that gathered.

And some people wonder why police think that people ought to pass a test and get a license to have children…