I haven’t been very active this fall on the blog, so my readership has naturally dropped to about 100-200 a day.  Yeah, I know, the numbers suck, but if you don’t put articles out there, it is what happens.

Anyway, on the 21st, I get like 6,500 visitors. Huh?  WTF just happened here?  And why wasn’t I told?

Almost all of them go to this post, on the Middleton, CT police department and its problems.  Well, that gets my curiosity up, so I sort of look around to see what I can find.

Well, it turns out the police shot another person, killing this one.  Supposedly, the man refused to drop a knife, but at least one witness never heard the police say anything before they shot Leonard Whittle, 25.  Others state the police repeatedly told him to drop the knife.  The family’s lawyer has called for an independent investigation, currently the state police are looking into the matter.

According to the boy’s mother, he was bipolar.

I’m assuming that people were doing a google search and found my blog, but I can’t be sure.