Cameron D’Ambrosio, who was arrested on terrorism charges for his rap song lyrics, was no-billed by the grand jury in June.

Jennifer Limon had her Failure to ID and Resisting Arrest charges dropped by the Harris County District Attorney.  The reason given was “see DA work product” which means that we’ll never know, as that is not subject to an open records request.  I would imagine that the DA’s office researched the law and realized that they did not have a case.

Adam Kokesh, who called and then called off an armed march on D.C., plead guilty to firearms and drug charges in November after setting in jail for months proclaiming his innocence.  He will be sentenced in January.

Makia Smith‘s lawsuit is going forward.  The officers successfully obtained a partial dismissal of the portion of the lawsuit that dealt with the destruction of Smith’s cellphone, but the order allows Smith to re-add those claims if she develops additional evidence or authority.

David Silva‘s death was ruled an “accident” by an employee or contractor of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, whose deputies did “not” use inappropriate force in beating Silva to death.  Oh, and the cell phones the deputies seized didn’t contain any evidence, either.  Sure.