This is one of the reasons I love RGK’s blawg, even if he is “Appointed Forever.” You should check it out.

Hercules and the umpire.

One wag, in response to my earlier post about Judge Posner, suggested that if I am so damn keen on transparency for district judges, then I ought to tell other federal district judges to begin their court sessions by playing the Bar and Grill Singers classic “Appointed Forever.” Since I never get tired of that wonderful ditty, I present it again with a hat tip to Robert Turner. I leave it to my colleagues whether to adopt the idea, but, for me, I kinda like it. Indeed, the IT guy told me today that the we have a new killer sound system to go with our video presentation equipment.

By the way, the thing that makes the song funny is that it is absolutely true. Enjoy.

All the best.


PS. “Fair use” claimed.

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