The NY Times reported that a private autopsy on Michael Brown shows that he was shot six times from the front, not the back as would be the case if he were running away.Brown autopsy  This tends to support the police version of what happened at the scene.  There was information that Brown turned and was charging Officer Wilson.  If Brown had just tried to take Wilson’s gun and it had discharged (intentionally or not) in the squadcar, then ran, and then turned to re-engage the officer, then any police officer would be expected to fire on the person.

It is like this–the person just tried to take the officer’s gun, and about 90% of the time if they get control of the gun they kill the officer.  Now, unarmed, they are attacking a second time?  They are trying to kill you, so you use deadly force to stop them.

Here it appears that the arm was facing the officer, not in an upright “surrender” position.  It would be consistent with the actions of a strong arm robber contacted by the police, at least in my experience.  I never arrested a strong arm robber who did not resist, it was always a fight to arrest them.

The forensic pathologist stated that it appeared that the two head shots were the last two fired, which would also be consistent with police training.  If Wilson fired four rounds, attempting to hit Brown in the chest without apparent effect, then you fire at the head.  It’s called a “failure drill” as in the first shots failed to stop the suspect.

There will be a total of three autopsies performed.  The local one performed by St. Louis County, this private one, and one in the future to be performed by a federal medical examiner.

Although it is beginning to look like the shooting was justified, I am still opposed to the overly militant response of the police.