The Battousai does a very good job in filming police. First, he does not talk too much, and second, he knows the law.

Here are some of his latest clips.

In Cedar Park, a young officer apparently did not like being filmed. Based on his actions, he was about to issue a parking citation, but the lieutenant put an end to it.

In Grand Prairie, one officer contacts him and handles it properly, but talks to him and tries to convince him to identify himself. There is nothing wrong with that, especially since the officer specifically states that he does not have to identify himself.

Round Rock, the first place we saw the Battousai, handles it properly this time.

However, in Dallas, police officers tell him he cannot be on the public right of way adjacent to a dedicated city street. Threatening him with trespass? Really?

And then you have Austin PD. Although they did not “arrest” him, it is fairly clear that they violated his rights and that they did not understand the limitations on identification under 38.02, Tex. Penal Code.