A long time ago in Dallas, there was a sports reporter named Blackie Sherrod, who wrote a weekly Sunday column called “Scattershooting.”  In it he would cover a series of news items that interested him, typically short, brief comments.

The Albuquerque Police finally fired Officer Conner Rice.  From KRQE.  Rice repeatedly tased a subject who was not resisting over a year ago.  His criminal trial for the abuse is pending.


In Florida, the trooper who recently lost a high profile DUI, as reported by Steveo on PINAC, has been sued for False Arrest after he arrested a man who blew a 0.000 (twice) and whose urine test showed no drugs.  Trooper Melvin Arthur, although not trained on the Horizontal Gaze nystagmus test, administered the test (improperly) as part of his evaluation of both driver’s intoxication.  The complaint is here.  The video of the other stop is here.


According to PoliceOne, three former Knoxville Police officers have pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and felony oppression in order to avoid federal charges from the beating of a handcuffed prisoner.  Three other officers were suspended for between 12 and 18 days, and the supervisors received reprimands.