Big surprise, right?

What I also get a kick out of is how the other whackjobs will try and spin the loss.

Ernie Tertelgte apparently believes that he is a mountain man and espouses views typically held by the so-called sovereign citizens.

The first time we hear of Ernie is in 1974, where he shot and killed a bear with his .30-30.  See Annabelle Phillips, The Tale of a Bear and a Lad of 12, THE HIGH COUNTRY, July 3, 1974, at 1.  Well back then he had a hunting license for that bear.

This year he was arrested after a game warden caught him fishing without a license.  But he believes that he’s sovereign and that the officer had no authority over him, so he refused to provide his name and was subsequently arrested for interference (Montana‘s charge for failing to identify) and resisting arrest (big surprise there, too).

So he shows up outside of the court wearing a tri-corner hat (‘cus he’s a patriot), wearing a Hudson Bay Co. capote coat (‘cus he’s a mountain man), and holding a hand-lettered cardboard sign (‘cus he’s a whackjob).

The big basis of his defense appears to be that his name is spelled in all capital letters.  If you claim your name in all capital letters, then of course you are confessing to a capital offense.  Somehow that is connected to 1889 (probably due to Montana gaining statehood then).  If you use the all capital name, you have plagiarized and the Vatican can remove your head from your body, as if you were under Sharia law.  I got bored at the part where he started to talk about lawyers conducting witchcraft and exorcisms, but feel free to listen to it all.

Once inside, Tertelgte, continued his BS, ah, I mean his sovereign citizen argument against the court.

Tertelgte also mentions a Judge Holly Brown and infers that she is a federal judge (she’s a state district court judge) and that he is not liable because he is not a “Federal” citizen.  Of course, this was an arraignment, the judge informed him of the charges and left.  That of course means that it’s part of a Vatican plot, but as “the Living Man” he may disregard state law and “forage” for his food.  So anyway, he leaves, thinking he’s won.

What?  I thought he won?  Oh wait – according to Tertelgte, the Montana prosecutor was administering British law (because attorneys sometimes list “Esq.” after their name).  Anyway, Tertelgte wouldn’t shut up, so the judge had him removed from the courtroom.

Amazingly, after his insightful legal argument, Tertelgte was found guilty by a jury.

Does the fact that he accepted a hunting license at age 12, with his name in all capital letters mean that his life was already forfeited to the Vatican under Sharia law?  Now that he’s been found guilty by a jury?