Walter Gann is a crook.  He was in jail in Dade County, Georgia when he stole a county truck while on a work detail and escaped.  Rhea County deputies found him and chased him into Tennessee, and then were called off of the pursuit afterGann Tennessee police picked it up.

Gann was finally stopped and complying with Graysville PD officers instructions when two Rhea County deputies arrived at the arrest location.  According to Gann, these deputies kicked him in the face, ribs, and groin.  He wrote out a statement on what happened.  That was 18 days ago.

Neal refuses to investigate because 1) Gann has not made a complaint, and 2) he’s happy in our jail.

Ah, yeah. OK.

Graysville Police Chief Erik Redden immediately had an internal affairs investigation conducted, which supported Gann’s statement.  The District Attorney has already indicated that he would have the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation check into the matter.

Neal claims the allegations are false, even though he hasn’t seen the investigation.

Gann was taken to the hospital immediately after being arrested.  Redden said it was because Gann complained of pain in his ribs and pelvic area.  Neal said it was to have a taser barb removed.  Since the hospital took X-rays and a CAT scan of Gann’s ribs and pelvic area and they reportedly also support Gann’s complaint, I’ll let you decide who is telling the truth and who is ly—- not.


June 20, 2013.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will conduct an investigation into the matter at the request of the District Attorney.